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Saturday, 05 November 2011 11:09

Story Chain...

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storychainA Collaborative Story...

I have done this in the past on my family BBS but never on the BLOG. It is a collaborative story. Basically the way it works is I will start off with the first couple lines of a story. Then someone comes along and continues the story with a couple lines of their own. Someone else comes along and adds a little more, and so forth.

Here are the rules:

1. Keep it family friendly, respectable, and respectful (nothing SPAMMY or PORNY or hostile or disrepectful toward others or it will be removed).

2. Don't do something in the story that will force kill the chain. In other words don't write an entry that leaves the next person no where to go, try to leave it at a point where someone can follow it up with another part.

3. Don't quote the post above yours, just continue the chain and end yours mid-sentence with ellipses...

4. You can't continue your own thread. There has to be at least one person between your additions. That is what make this fun, the surprise at what someone else adds!

5. Remember, you have up to 1000 characters for your twist. You don't have to use them all. A couple sentences or a short paragraph will probably do.

6. Keep coming back to see where the story is going and maybe add a little something-something.

7. You may use a pen-name/pseudonym if you want to play anonymously but remember rule 1.

8. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Feel free to invite anyone you know who you think might like to participate and help make the story fun!

Ready??? Here goes... (It starts in the comments below my profile)

Monday, 20 June 2011 11:29

Deck Projectasaurus

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SORE! Our back deck has been getting worse and worse. SORE! We have been talking about replacing it for a couple years. SORE! Well, on June 18th of the year 2011, we began this project. SORE! It has been a pretty fair amount of work so far! SORE! The old deck was 8x8 and was pretty cramped if you wanted to sit out there and do deck things. SORE! The new deck will be 12x16 and should provide a bit more room. SORE! Eventually, we will build a paver patio below with a pergola and a fire pit. SORE! So, we yurked the old deck off the side of the house (no dishes were broken in this process). SORE! Then we augured new footings and cleaned them out to about 42 inches to make sure we were below the frost line. SORE! Built our forms. SORE! Then we poured them full of concrete. SORE! I must admit that I am not used to that much activity and am just a tiny bit sore. SORE! Sunday we pulled down the old ledgerboard and repaired a place where water had infiltrated the flashing. SORE! Oh, wait, the jackass(es) that built the old deck did not install flashing so it was not hard to infiltrate. SORE! SO, hopefully we have fixed the problem!!!! SORE! Did I mention that I am SORE??? My bro and his family are headed out here soon to help with the building of the beast. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Well, here are the pictures if you'd like to see them...

Thursday, 11 November 2010 14:57

Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs!

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If you haven't read "The day I was a hero..." below, read it first. This is the second part of that saga...

So, we drive on...

After visiting Old Faithful, we decided to go down and see the Tetons. We left Yellowstone and stopped at a gas station right outside the south entrance. I went in and did my business then came out to watch Jelly while Penny went in. I was standing there chatting with my brother and Jelly Bean was laying in the shade of the van on the pavement relaxing. All of a sudden I hear; “PUT HIM UNDER THE WHEELS AND ROLL OVER HIM!!!” from behind me. I turn around and there is this older cowboy looking dude standing by this pickup and looking at me. As soon as I turned YEEEE HAW! I'm a LOON!around he yells over again; “PUT HIM UNDER THE WHEELS AND ROLL OVER HIM!!!”. Trying to be polite I said “Hehehe, we are trying to fatten her up for Thanksgiving.” He says; “THEY ARE MUCH BETTER WHEN THEY ARE FLAT! PUT HIM UNDER THE WHEELS AND ROLL OVER HIM!!!” I kind of glance at my brother and we made the “what a weirdo” eye roll. Then the guy says “I raise Pomeranians, I love dogs!” and he is kind of easing closer. About this time his buddy comes out of the store and they both get into the pickup and drive off. The bro and I are thinking good riddance…

Everyone comes out of the store and we get into our vehicles and hit the road. About 5 miles down the road these two park ranger trucks go blasting by in the opposite direction with their lights flashing. As soon as they get past us they turn around and head back our direction. We pull over and they shoot past us. We were thinking SOMEONE IS IN TROUBLE!!! We keep on driving down the road. Another five miles down the road we find about 6 park ranger trucks, lights flashing surrounding and they have the two guys in that pickup pulled over in this pullout next to a huge lake. There is one ranger talking to the guy in the driver’s seat and another on the passenger side with his hand on his gun (I didn’t even know park rangers HAD guns!!!). The rest are kind of standing around their trucks and stuff, paying close attention to the action.

We stop and take a couple of pictures of the lake and the mountains and watch them for 10 or 15 minutes. It seemed like a standoff so we decided to take off and headed down the road. We saw the moose and took some pictures and headed back. It was about an hour later when we came to the same point and the rangers and pickup were all STILL there. Now, however, they had the two guys out of the truck and were putting handcuffs on the guy that was suggesting I should flatten Jelly Bean. So, I don’t know if he was moving in to take a hostage or something when his buddy came out or if he was just trying to be sociable. Anyway, I figure that it was more than just a normal traffic/DUI bust as they had to be waiting for them to have so many rangers there in such a short time.

Never did find out what it was all about, but WOW it was a pretty exciting day!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010 13:15

The day I was a hero (in my own eyes)

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This is a story of an adventure we had in Yellowstone National Park on memorial day weekend in 2006.

Saturday morning we had stopped at Old Faithful to watch it go off. My Mom and Penny decided they wanted to walk around the geyser basin and they don’t allow dogs on the path so I told them I would stay and hang on to Jelly Bean (our Boston Terrorist). Well, everyone else decided to stay as well. So we wandered back over to the gift store area.

After about an hour or so, my bro Chris decided we should get our lunch stuff out and eat so we didn’t have to stop later. We noticed a picnic table over by the road that was being cleaned up by the previous tenants and went over and claimed it. Chris went and got his truck and dropped off the supplies and then went and parked. We got all set up and Chris started cooking the sausages.

ardennes_bison3About this time we noticed a huge male bison come walking out of the trees across the road with branches stuck to his horns. People were running up to get as close as they dared so they could get pictures with him. He finally got annoyed enough that we charged a couple who dropped their bags and ran for their lives. We were getting quite a kick out of the show until we realized he was now headed in our direction.

When he got to the other side of the road and started crossing right at us we decided that we had better get up and get the table between us. When he reached our side of the road, I realized that Jelly Bean was still tied to the side of the table closest to him. So, he was still about 10 feet away and I ran around the table to get JB. She was just staring up at him with those big bug eyes. I fumbled with her leash and finally got her unhooked. By this time the bison was no more then 5 feet from me. Maybe even 3. I guess he didn’t sense any aggression in my actions or something because he just kindJelly Bean of looked at me and went on.

As soon as I had Jelly in my arms and was headed back around the table she started barking wildly… I told her “SHUT UP”… I was a momentary hero with my family for risking my life to save Jelly Bean. The bison continued on and broke up several other picnics on his way to his destination. In fact, the people that were at the table next to us were about 200 yards away standing there looking at the show… Basically, if the bison had felt like it he could have gotten me good… and then there was the jaunt down to Grand Teton NP after that…