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Thursday, 04 November 2010 12:16

Pet Peeves

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I like to hold them and stroke them and call them George!

Anyway... I will be writing them, and adding more to the list, in the future.

grrr_copy 1. Talking/texting on the cellphone while driving. Some people just don't have sufficient brain power to multi-task like this! Props to Billings Montana for passing a law making this practice illegal! We need to spread that law around the state!

2. Bicyclists who ride the wrong direction on one way streets (how can you see the traffic lights?) and who just plain ignore traffic laws. Every time I see one blow through a red light or run a stop sign, my teeth get a little flatter.

More to come...


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Layne Cope

I am a geek. A Windows geek to be exact. I do all things computer. I do like outdoor activities; camping, fishing, riding my hawg, etc. but I always gravitate back to the computer. In fact, between work, the biz and other stuff, if I am not on the 'puter for 14 - 16 hours a day, I feel deprived!