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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 02:00

It is now REALLY official!

Penny finally received HER certification. We are now REALLY certified as members of the Iron Butt Association's group of the World's Toughest Riders!




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Tuesday, 20 September 2011 13:38

Zoom Zoom...

Well... With a recent upgrade in our home internet connection, visitors to COPESTER dot NET should notice a definite improvement in response times!


For anyone interested, the geeky info... We went from 8mbps down/1mbps up to 30mbps down/5mbps up. The UP speed is the important speed for viewing COPESTER dot NET from across the internet. So, it should be 3 to 5 times faster than it used to be (depending on internet traffic and other variable variables). Also, you might notice it no longer has the mystery number "4763" after COPESTER.NET... Our new ISP does not block port 80 so we no longer have to re-route our website visitors to a non-standard port!!! Cool

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Saturday, 17 September 2011 20:16

It is official...

We are now certified as members of the Iron Butt Association's group of the World's Toughest Riders!




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Sunday, 17 July 2011 16:23

WOOHOO! WE DID IT! (updated)

Well, anyone who knows us has heard about our NEAR completion of a Saddle Sore 1000 last year. We ended up at Lewistown with 875 miles behind us and EXHAUSTED! Well, we MADE IT this year! It was a long LONG day. We left home at 4AM on Saturday the 16th and got home at 1:20AM on Sunday the 17th. Sitting almost continuously in the saddle for just over 21 hours and 1,056 miles is PAINFUL.

Here was the route we took:


We actually modified our intended route once we reached Lewistown (point J). Originally, we were going to turn toward Harlowton, a few miles past Lewistown, and take highway 12 through Townsend and into Helena. However, it was getting late and we decided that staying on highway 200 through Great Falls might be a bit better since it seemed like a more well traveled road. I was concerned with how many deer we might come across. Turned out to be a pretty good decision I think. We had a few interesting events and sightings.

1. We rode in a thunder shower at about 5 AM for about 15 miles, starting right about the time we turned onto highway 200 toward Lincoln MT (point B)... Pouring rain and 46 degrees, BRRRRRR! Thank goodness we were leathered up, at least we weren't wet to the bone, just cold...

2. On the Seeley Swan highway, (between points C & D on the map) I had to get on the brakes HARD as a deer ran across the road right in front of me.

3. There was a LOT of road construction heading to and leaving Havre (point F) that cost us probably an hour of time.

4. We stopped at the Fort Peck Dam spillway, 20 miles South of Glasgow (point H), and checked it out. They are STILL
releasing an incredible amount of water, and have been since early June!

5. On the Southbound stretch after the spillway stop, I had a young pheasant doink into my left toe and boinked into my shin as it spooked and turned 180 degrees to fly right in front of me. Penny told me it kept on flying so it must not have been hurt too bad when I ran into it doing 80 mph. I don't think it even left a poo print on my chaps! Well, I couldn't see one in all the bug remains anyway...

6. Penny almost flipped over her handlebars as we rode a rough section of road headed West toward Jordan (point I). There was a sign that said bump right at a huge pot hole that took up most of the traffic lane. She was riding behind and to my right. While I was able to skirt the left side of the hole, she was too far to the right and could not swerve over far enough to avoid the hole. She hit it HARD at about 70 mph and I saw her almost do a superman in my mirror! We both hit a few spleen busters on the trip. There are some ROUGH roads out there!

7. We crested a hill about two miles east of Winnett (between I & J). About a quarter mile down the road we could see a couple semi's stopped in our lane. There was something dark across the road, but we couldn't tell what it was at first. Check it out here... We pulled up and a fella with a stop sign said we could either ride down into the ditch to get past or wait a couple hours until they were able to move it. We rode into the ditch. It was after we had ridden back up onto the road on the other side that I took this picture. Apparently the driver was okay after he awoke from the nap that caused the accident. I suspect he is one of the fella's down looking at the tractor with the cops.

8. I almost jumped off my motorcycle when a HUGE owl appeared in the darkness on a road cone in some road construction near Craig MT. As I passed, it decided to take off from it's cone and FREAKED ME OUT!

You can see ALL our pics from the trip
here. Cool And yes, Penny did it on her little Sportster 883 Low. She is TUFF!!!

*** Several people have asked me what in the world would prompt such a seemingly crazy feat. Here it is, Iron Butt Association. It is simply to have the chance to be able to pay for a certificate and patch that essentially confirms that we are plum loco! Laughing

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 01:36

Makin Money!

Please look at the bottom of the left column (click here) for my new money making scheme! Also, please don't forget to participate! PLEASE!?!?!? AAAAAAND, thank you in advance for your participation!


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Thursday, 03 March 2011 12:21

Aaaaahhhhhh.... WHEW!


Now I can finally put my kit away for a couple weeks. I am DONE with my ejumication for this term... I admit that I am happy I did not shave my beard yesterday morning because I only passed by the hair on my chinny chin chin! It was a pretty difficult test - not because of the content but because of the age of the test (12 to 15 years... a LOT of technology has happened in that time) and some issues with how the testing software posed the questions. Fortunately for those who follow, the new UPDATED version is being released in April so folks won't have to suffer through this one for much longer... WHEW!!! Glad that is DONE! Time to revert to redneck-geekdom!!! Cool


I forgot to add my CIW certs last time in my frustration, so here is my new list with my new JavaScript one included!!!


CIW_Associate web_foundations_assoc javascript_sp A_Certified NetworkCertified

I think I will be off the certification track for a year or so now, on to more traditional lernin like cyferin and cogitatin...

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Friday, 25 February 2011 03:11


Well as many of my site visitors probably are aware, I am working on my degree through Western Governor's University. This term has been pretty much computer geekdom term.

I am now A_Certified and NetworkCertified.

I have been studying and studying and working on JavaScripts and doing whatever for my CIW JavaScript Developer certification. Took the test on February 24th and guess what?







37/50... I needed 38/50 to pass.


Mostly I am embarrassed because I have been using
for years. I admit I was probably a bit over-confident.

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Friday, 11 February 2011 02:29

Something new

I have an idea for a new, probably boring, geek feature for my site. As part of my research for this idea I ran across this Password Tester! Try it out! It is pretty cool! This item is actually on the Computer Tips & Trix menu. There is a link to the original site at the bottom of the page, if you want to get a copy for yourself!

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Tuesday, 08 February 2011 12:39

More updates...

As I learn new things, I have made a few adjustments to some of the features on the Humor & Fun menu.

1. The Baby Namers: I have added cookies so it remembers your last name and also remembers the list of names you like for about 30 days after the last addition, or until you clear the list. I also added a little image on the top right that will allow you to switch between the girl namer and boy namer without revisiting the menus.

2. The Name Bander: Like the Baby Namers, it will remember the list of names you like for 30 days after the last addition, or until you clear the list.

3. The Random Nonsense Generator: It will allow you to backup and see the last sentence if you clicked too soon. This is just a toggle. You can go back one and return to the current one. You may also go back one, then just continue on. It also allows you to save a list of the ones you like for 30 days after the last update. I have added quite a mix of stuff to it, some may end up sounding naughty by coincedence and some may be naughty on purpose. Some may be weird and because of the mix, some may simply be nonsensical rubish. Keep clicking and remember you can click on the version line below for details about how much is in the each list.

4. Evil Overlord and Shakespearean Insulter: The only real changes to these is it no longer does a page refresh to get to the new stuff. However, Shakespeare does not talk every time now. Only when you first connect to the page. (Watch the image, he doesn't mean it...).

More to follow! Laughing

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Tuesday, 08 February 2011 12:28

We are BACK!

Some of you may have noticed our site was down for nearly 24 hours. We run this site on a server at our house and we have to register with a "Dynamic DNS" service to allow the connection to our server because of how our ISP handles internet access. This is why there is the :4763 after our site name. Anyway, the company we WERE using announced six months or so ago that they would no longer provide this service once our agreement ran out. They are getting out of THIS business, it was not anything we did. We are SO controversial after all... Innocent It was just our time, our agreement expired. It just took some time to get our site name transfered to a now hosting company and get everything reconfigured to point at our server. GOT'ER DUN!

Actually, it might be my imagination but I THINK it the site comes up a little faster now. Maybe that is my imagination and it will change after the shiny new wears off.

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