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Javascript for Developers Part 1



Please be sure to read over the following definitions of key words found throughout this course before beginning the training. This will ensure that you are familiar with the content before proceeding.


ASP Developed by Microsoft, Active Server Pages contain text, HTML tags, and scripting commands that are processed by a server. ASP provides for interactivity in Web pages and customization of content delivery to the client.
Array A variable that can contain more than one value.
Boolean A data type that can be one of two values, true or false.
COM Component Object Model is a Microsoft standard used to develop programs or additions to existing programs. COM components can be coded in different programming languages.
Cookie A storage unit for information that is kept on the client's machine and is sent to the server.
DOM Document Object Model is a specification set by the World Wide Web Consortium for DHTML and XML documents. DOM defines documents of a series of objects containing other objects and is used to allow interactivity.
Date Object An object used in JavaScript to work with dates and times.
Event Code that is written to respond to user actions, such as the clicking of the mouse or pressing of a key. Events are then activated by a user's action, program code, or the system.
Form An element used in Web pages in order for the user to submit information via the WWW.
Frames Elements used in Web pages to allow multiple HTML documents to be displayed simultaneously in a single browser window.
Function A procedure that performs an action and then returns a value.
HTML Hypertext Markup Language is a programming language used for creating Web pages. This language uses tags that show the Web browser how to display a page.
IIS Internet Information Server is software developed by Microsoft for Web servers. IIS uses HTTP for delivery and has security features.
Image Map A photograph or drawing on a Web page that contains hyperlinks.
JavaScript A scripting language developed by Netscape that is used for interactivity in Web pages.
Loop A structure that runs a segment of code repeatedly until a certain preset condition exists. There are several types of loops including For loops and While loops.
Math Object An object used in JavaScript with built-in properties and methods that allow the use of advanced math in a program.
Method A predefined function that defines certain object events.
Object-oriented A style of programming that associates processes with data. JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language.
Operator A symbol that represents a specific action. For example, a minus sign (-) is an operator that represents subtraction. 
Property An attribute or characteristic of an object. An object is customized by changing or assigning a value to its properties.
String A data type that is a value representing text.
String Object An object used in JavaScript with methods and properties that allow string literals and variables to be manipulated.
Unicode A standard designed by the Unicode Consortium to use 16-bit character codes in order to represent almost any written language with a single character set.
Variables Different types of data, integers, strings, etc. that have values and are referred to in a program by name.